CJ Borosque – Words/Images/Sounds
Improviser, Noise Artist, Painter/visual artist and Poet
The owner of
She has performed at many venues including the NorCal Noise fest (on several occasions), The Big Sur Experimental Music Festival (2003/04), The Oakland Noise festival and twice at the Spring Reverb experimental music festival in San Diego. Her best appearance being at the San Diego Museum of Modern Art.
She has played at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur.

She performs in her own free-jazz ensemble “Donella and the Mood Rings” with Drummer Sheila Bosco and Pianist/improviser Lindsey Walker. She also shares the stage with with Rent Romus, Phillip Everett and Ray Schaeffer in the Free-Jazz Freak-Out group “Lords of Outland”, She occasionally appears in sax man Jim Ryan’s Free Jazz ensemble “Forward Energy” with, Rent Romus, Jim Ryan, Timothy Orr, Eric Marshall, and Scott R. Looney,
She also is in a duo with vocalist Laurie Amat, called “Red Thread”.
On various other occasions she has performed in or shared the stage with: Vinny Golia, Andre Custodio, The Thin Air Orchestra, The Deconstruction Orchestra, as well as Robert M, Ellen Weller, Travis Johns, Arachnid Arcade, Josh Allen and Joshua Marshall (among many others).
She plays trumpet and analog FX boxes configured in a “no-input” design which allows for the creation of feedback sounds without the use of a typical sound source. She also plays other various electronics and Instruments: Including an array of analog pedals and also turntable. Her newest instrument (and her favorite) is the coronet.

Her experimental videos “Home” and “Ritual” have been shown in conjunction with experimental music at both the Musicians Union Hall and Luggage Store gallery. She also presented her video “Ritual” at the Chapel of the Chimes, during their solstice performances and video exhibit in 2007.

She has released one poetry book with companion CD called the “Metal Quan Yin” which is a series of science fiction based poems set to music.
Her full discography and list of published works are available at Edgetone Records.



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